Anodised Aluminum, Clear Coated Steel, Stainless Steel, Rubber / H350 W240 L2000mm / 65kgs / Limited Edition of 8 pieces + 2 AP/ February 2017

The RB02 bench is a brutal assemblage of materials held together with black rubber bands. With this seemingly improvised connection, aluminum bars, steel tubes and stainless steel rods are forming the fundamental structure of a bench.

This radical assemblage is the result of a continuous investigation into rational forms and archetypes. By using industrially produced elements and non-definitive connections, it questions the position of the designer as a maker, and the value usually attached to the trace of the hand. Here, as there is no patina nor welding, no stylizing nor drawing, all marks of the maker have vanished. Parts are ‘simply’ stacked onto one another and remains only the purity of the material, highlighted via different surface treatments, and a rigourous work of proportions.