AS01 is a sculptural composition made of four brushed aluminum profiles assembled together with chromed steel bolts.
Part of a series exploring the forms and archetypes generated by industrially-produced elements, the design of the object originates from the norms of the material itself.

The four parts are using the entire length of a six meter long aluminum beam (the worldwide standard) to create a functional structure. Using the norms, rules and standards of mass production has the effect of generating a new typology of objects, functional but at the very edge of inadequacy. Here, the user is almost neglected and denied its usual comfort. Dimensions and proportions are no longer centred on its needs but instead fulfill a productive ideal.

The beam used (120x30mm) is the absolute minimum to guarantee the stability of the object. The two shelves - the minimum required for a stable structure - are connected with the most effective system and all traces of human intervention have vanished. The transparency of the design is then giving full light to the material and to the work of proportions, materializing the simplest and most fundamental form of a shelf. 

H190 L110 W12cm.
Limited Edition of 4 + 1AP
Price on demand.
Oct. 2018