Elder, Walker

Elder consists of a set of three objects dedicated to the elderly.
They are an attempt at breaking the cliches associated with old age by proposing transgenerational designs meant to provide the user with more pride and sensory joy.
The walker is intended for people with very strong walking issues. It is meant to be used inside and provide a slow but stable help for walking.
The initial structure of the walker is reduced to a minimum. Using ø40mm aluminum tubes - instead of regular 18mm steel tubes - helped to create three minimalist curves, strong enough to ensure the stability of the object.

As it is, the walker is less a functional product than a visualisation of an approach to design for the elderly. The focus was to create an elegant structure that would originate from the materials and techniques themselves. Drawing and shaping have very little room here, and all elements are intrinsic parts of the walker.

Brushed Aluminum.
Jan. 2017